GCP Associate Cloud Engineer

GCP Advanced Skills & Certification Workshop [ACE]

Associate Cloud Engineer

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About this course

In this course, you will:

  • Prepare for the Google Associate Cloud Engineer certification exam

  • Manage and secure resources on Google Cloud

  • Automate Google Cloud infrastructure using scripts, code, and configuration

  • Deploy infrastructure as a service using Compute Engine and Networking

  • Save binary, relational, and NoSQL data using managed Google Cloud services

  • Containerize applications using Kubernetes

  • Automate deployments using App Engine and Cloud Functions

  • Monitor applications using Stackdriver

Course content

Chapter 1: Associate Cloud Engineer Certification Overview

Course Overview

Exam Overview

Chapter 2: Understanding GCP Core Principles

Services, Projects, and Resources

Securing Resources with IAM

GCP ACE Quiz 1

Chapter 3: Automating GCP Resources

Scripting with the Google Cloud SDK

Programming with GCP

Deployment Manager

GCP ACE Quiz 2

Chapter 4: Compute Engine and Networking

Creating and Managing Virtual Machines

Load Balancing and Autoscaling

Configuring VPC Networks

Connecting Networks

GCP ACE Quiz 3

Chapter 5: Saving Data to Google Cloud Platform

Storage Overview

Saving Files to Google Cloud Storage

Saving Relational Data with Cloud SQL and Spanner

Saving NoSQL Data with Bigtable, Firestore, and Memorystore

GCP ACE Quiz 4

Chapter 6: Deploying Applications to Kubernetes Engine

Kubernetes Engine Overview

Docker Containers

Configuring Kubernetes

Chapter 7: Deploying Applications with App Engine

App Engine Overview

Managing App Engine Versions

Chapter 8: Deploying Serverless Applications with Cloud Functions

Cloud Functions Overview

GCP ACE Quiz 5

Chapter 9: Operations Monitoring

Operations Services

GCP ACE Quiz 6

Chapter 10: Architecting Solutions on GCP

Big Data Services

Cloud Solutions Architecture Reference

Course Summary

Meet the experts

Doug Rehnstrom

Mike Sutton

Rachel Strong


Veronica Lewis and 1673 others have booked this class

Dhruv Gour

Very useful course . Thanks a lot

Ranjit Kumar Bharti

Rajesh Kumar

Abdessamad TAZI

Cristian Roman

Vikas Saini

Arjun Kumar Anuj


Biondi Savio D'Sylva

Adrian Toanca

Sumit Kumar

Gaëtan JORET

Amol Ramesh Deshmukh

it was nice

Mahrez Merabet

Jorge Saul Canales Trevino

Thank you

Kuldeep Kaushik

Very well designed course for the exam.


Aditya Potnis

Course was helpful in understanding about Google Cloud Platform as Cloud developer.

Josh Lawrence

Barahalikar Siddharth

shaurya trivedi

Jorge Antonio Garza Soto

Excellent content , thanks!

Atul Kumar

koushik reddy ramasani

Venkata ravikiran Palaparti

Good course


If still explaination is needed , it would be nice course

Pranjal Narvekar

Nakul Videkar

Thilak Rajah

Kaushik Chatterjee

Simon Cartwright

Chetan Patel

Very brief, crisp and good way to prepare 2 days prior to the exam

Alfredo Faria

Jijil I

Ajay Naphade

Short, Crisp, Straightforward description and usage of GCP Services.

Ashish Arvind Kulkarni

Its a complete package. I learnt how I can leverage this platform for my certification journey. Thanks.

Vibha Baliga

The course material was informative. And the pace and structure is also very good.

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