Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer Certification Workshop

GCP Advanced Skills & Certification Workshop [DE]

Professional Data Engineer

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About this course

In this course, we will:

  • Prepare for the Google Cloud Data Engineer certification exam
  • Choose the appropriate Google Cloud data storage solution
  • Architect batch and streaming data processing pipelines on Google Cloud
  • Leverage Google Cloud tools for data manipulation, analysis, and visualization
  • Build machine learning models with Google Cloud tools
  • Analyze case studies to optimize data storage and processing solutions

Course content

Chapter 1: Professional Data Engineer Certification Overview

Course Overview

Exam Overview

Chapter 2: Google Storage Fundamentals

Storage Overview

Google Cloud Storage Options

Architecting Data Processing Solutions

GCP Data Engineer Quiz 1

Chapter 3: Storing Binary Data

Google Cloud Storage

Persistent Disks


Data Transfer Options

GCP Data Engineer Quiz 2

Chapter 4: Storing Relational Data

Understanding Relational Storage

Cloud SQL


GCP Data Engineer Quiz 3

Chapter 5: Managed NoSQL Solutions

Understanding NoSQL Storage


Cloud Firestore


GCP Data Engineer Quiz 4

Chapter 6: Big Data Processing and Analytics

Big Data Processing Overview

Google Cloud Dataproc


Choosing Big Data Strategies

GCP Data Engineer Quiz 5

Chapter 7: Data Processing Pipelines

Google Cloud Dataflow


Cloud Dataprep

Cloud Composer

Data Loss Prevention

Chapter 8: Analytics and Visualization


Data Studio

Chapter 9: Machine Learning Basics

Machine Learning Overview

Machine Learning Algorithms

Chapter 10: Google Machine Learning Tools


AI Platform

Pre-Built ML Models


BigQuery ML

GCP Data Engineer Quiz 6

Course Summary

Course Summary

GCP Data Engineer Exam

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Doug Rehnstrom

Mike Sutton

Rachel Strong


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Mayur Vishwanath Naik

Gayle Apfel

I really felt that this consolidated my knowledge and helped me feel more confident about attempting the exam

Charlie Newell

Rohan Pradip Shah

Anjali Bhardwaj

Andrea Fiore


vishal sharma


Jose Luis de Vicente

Sandeep Bihani

Bernd Brüggenthies

Excellent course, good overview of all relevant topics.

Pramod Jain

K.Siva Kumar Nayak

Balaji Rajokkiyam

Isaac Manoharam J

hemasundar reddy karukala

Yashu Dani

Sushil Paliwal


It is very helpful to understand the basics of ML

Mohammed El Amine BENYOUCEF

A very targeted and well condensed course

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