Google Cloud Architect Certification Workshop

Course Overview

Let's talk about what you are going to learn in this course.



Hi, Welcome to ROI Training On-Demand Google Cloud Platform Certification Workshop. I'm Doug Rehnstrom.

Let's briefly talk about what you are going to learn about in this course.

This course will help you prepare for Google's Cloud Architect certification exam.  

You will investigate the various Google Cloud Platform services, identify service use cases, and learn to design and architect systems that maximize performance, availability, and scalability at optimal cost.

You will learn about Site Reliability Engineering, automated deployments, and various automated testing techniques that ensure reliability and availability.  

You will learn to secure GCP resources using identity and access management, by controlling access to resources in your networks, and by encrypting sensitive data. You will also investigate how Google Cloud can help you comply with government and industry security standards.

When you take the certification exam, you will get questions that are related to a number of different case studies. You will analyze those case studies and determine the best cloud services for each use case.

Finally, you will review common GCP architectures and learn how Google intends their services to be used to implement solutions to common problems. 

The exam tests whether you have the knowledge and experience with Google Cloud Platform technologies to be a competent Cloud Architect. That is, can you design secure, reliable, scalable business solutions that leverage GCP services. Do you know which services to use for various problems? Can you provision resources in a way that optimizes cost and maximizes other goals like availability, durability, reliability, and scalability? 

The test also tries to determine if you have practical, hands-on experience using GCP. Some of you will have plenty of experience working on projects. For others, we provide links to many tutorials and exercises that you can use to get hands-on experience.

Enough talk, welcome to the course and let's get started!